Friday, May 20

thornlie.youth UP ya DATE

thought i might give you an update on how things are going here.
STILL no youth pastor. but that's not stopping us. we've seen things returning to a little normality this term as our small group is getting back on track, Shane and i decided that we'd run through the small group curriculum by bobo boshers that has been sitting on our shelf for ages. also we have begun to run low-cost outings for our guys and chris and fadi's guys and that has seen them starting to actually come on tuesday nights now! before this term the max number of kids we had at SO? was four. on Tuesday just gone we had 10 and that's all of the guys that we used to have back last year. So we're getting excited.

our young dolts groups just keep chargin ahead our group (derek and jenny) keeps growing with the inclusion of dandy wolf and morta. matt mort is going to the pulse group. and the othere groups are still growing as well i think. WE HAVE THE BIGGEST SSTATE YOUTH GAMES TEAM this year!!!!! i think just under 100 ppl are comin with and kalamuda is next on like 87 or something. witties is right down in fourth i think. YAY GO US!!! all's crankin ahead in young dolts and things are winding up in SO? age groups (as opposed to winding down).

well that's thornlie.youth up till today. we have WATOTO coming here tonight and OH did anyone tell you that we now have three services again!! 9-10.15 (FAMILY SERVICE--same as always) 11-12 (CLASSIC SERVICE-- our "not just for oldies" oldies service,) and the CAFE SERVICE 6.30-8 same as always just better supper now with Gloria jeans coffee and anzac bikkies (gold coin donation) and they all have the same sermon. so we only have to go to one. unless we're really spiritual or sleepy in the morning and need the message aagain.

have fun and satay safe. yes satay safe

i feel naked...

i had a hair cut today, the mullet that had begun to make such a proud comeback is gone. chopped off at the roots...almost. i feel cold and naked. excuse me while i close my blinds and hide form the world for a while.