Wednesday, February 7

My Bond

ok so i said i'd keep y'all updated on what's happening here in thailand, and i know tha i've been a little slack on that, but the reason i've been slack on that is because i really havent had time to not be slack! our schedule is so full!!
a quick rundown of a typical day:
  • 6am get up
  • 6.15 aerobics
  • 6.45 breakfast/showers
  • 7.45 quiet times
  • 8.15 worsip/meditation
  • 8.45 lectures
  • 12.30 lunch.
  • 2.00 workduties
  • 4.00 freetime
  • 6.00 dinner/tea/supper
  • 7.00 night meeting.
  • 8.30 finish.
so as you can see the tiny bit of time that we have for freetime is usually spent trying not to do anything, but we also have journals to do, and 15 chapters of scirpture each week to read, and a book to read and.... i could go on.

so there is my excuse for not blogging. with that out of the way, let me blog...
what am i learning?
god speaks. in more ways than i had ever thought of, and more often than i thought! i dont think there has been a day when god hasnt spoken to me in some manner. it's funny because i KNOW that god speaks to us all the time and whether we hear or not, depends on if we're listening (looking). so you would think that god speaking to me daily wouldnt take me by surprise! it has. i knew god would speak on DTS. but this much?! i guess by coming here i put myself into a position to hear him and so he's taking advantage of that.
last week was prayer and intercession week with art and ellen sanborn and it was really great to see god move and speak to people who had never recognised his voice before! many of us when we were asked to share what god showed us, started our statement with, "i dont know if this was god, or what it means but...." or "this might sound a little stupid but..." so we have all heard gods voice here and most of us love it!

yesterday the boys moved to the base from our temporary accomodation down the road a little. so we all packed up our freshly UNpacked things and moved them by motorcycle a whole 800 meters to the base but thankfully it only took a few hours!

for those of you who havent heard, i have a girlfriend!! her name is Grayce Hollingsworth and she is from Florida! you can read about her at her blogspot here. NOW, for those of you who are thinking to yoursleves "gee he's a fast mover," let me set you straight. i have known Grayce since june 2006 when i visited thailand for Shane's (and Grayce's) DTS Graduation. wihle i was here we hardly noticed each other... but since then our friendship grew and grew as we chatted and talked. so as we weere talking the other day about our relationship, we came to the conclusion that now was the right time to make it official! so we did.

Grayce and I, originally uploaded by Stunyard.

on saturday we had our first date, and we went to the golden triangle, where Burma and Laos and Thailand and drug trafficers meet at a junction in the Mekong River. it was a great time! the view however was not so great because of a thick layer of smoke that is covering the region at the moment...

i think that is my news to date, i am loving it here and loving getting to know god more and more each day!