Tuesday, September 19

Here i go Stealing Posts Again!

Paradox Jesus…

Jesus came into the world… that we may enter into heaven.

Jesus was born in the flesh… that we may be born of the Spirit.

Jesus was born of woman… that we may be born of God.

Jesus became the Son of Man… that we may become sons of God.

Jesus accepted poverty… that we may be made rich.

Jesus became a man of sorrows… that we may rejoice and be glad.

Jesus was made sin for us… that we might be made righteous.

Jesus was put to death… that we may have life.

Jesus was cursed… that we might be blessed.

i got this from my friend MATT's blog. please check him out he has good stuff to say

Sunday, September 17


So I got called in to work early this morning on my day off, and I went just for a couple of hours, but by the time I finished, it was too late to get to church, so I thought "I'll just go home and finish my paper work as early as I can, so that I can have a day off!" So I was driving home past Kings Park (those of you who are coming here for visits and visa's we'll have to punish it), not really in the mood to go up there and really more Interested In going home to start my day off!! Something in me said you should go up there and I'm like "nah, can’t be bothered" but as I thought that I thought to myself "I don’t feel like going, but something's telling me I should. So I think I should! I think its God!" So I went. I drove up the hill and found a car park over looking the Narrows and looking sort of towards home (I looked but couldn’t find mine :-D). I just sat in my car listening to the HILLSONG LONDON album (it's good you should punish It!!) and I was praying about stuff and thinking about how much God had spoken to me in the last few months and how he's blessed me SO much and I looked at the trees and how different each of them was from the next but how together they make up a beautiful picture and so I was blessed by God to think that he made each of these trees with such imagination and attention to detail and originality but how much more time he put into us who are created in his image!

So I prayed and looked and blessed and was blessed by God all from the comfort of my car for... I guess it may have been 20-30 minutes, until I felt God saying to me, "Get up and go for a walk." and I knew it was God straight away this time because I SO didn't feel like walking! But I did lock my car and went for a walk. Down the hill along the grassed bit I found an area I never new existed! It was this terraced area with walking paths along the terraces and it was filled with all sorts of native plants and bushes (which are looking STUNNING at the moment (Perth In spring! WOW)) So I walked down along the lowest terrace until I saw a bench seat sitting rather randomly under a big palm tree on the next level up with stairs going up to it! So I thought, well I didn’t really even have to think this time, by now I just knew God wanted me there, so I sat. And I began to pray much the same sort of stuff I'd been praying in the car and while walking, but at some point God said to me "How many times have you been in this park? 20? 50? 100? And you never knew this even existed! HOW MUCH MORE SO WITH ME!!! How many time's have we talked; have I talked? And there is still so much stuff that you don’t know!" this was such an awesome blessing to hear!

(post script)
There are two things that made this whole experience more exciting to be in that I'm sure it is for you to read:
1. I Heard God-- not that this is so amazing in itself but to hear him and recognise his voice I think is the amazing bit! I probably I hear his voice all the time and write it off as my own thoughts or just stupidity but God is always faithful and NEVER stupid!!
2. I Obeyed God-- again in itself, this isn’t so amazing. I have heard and obeyed before, but today I was able to obey with confidence and decisiveness and I know that this is why I was so blessed by my encounter with God walking in his creation, while walking in his creation.

I hate to think how I would have felt about my day if I did not sit with God in the garden.

Patiently Waiting

I know, I stole the title from No-Sacrifice Blog but it just fits! And besides what i have to say is a little different to what No-Sacrifice says!

i have been thinking about and praying for patience this week and god spoke to me on friday about what waiting patienty REALLY is. God said to me that waiting and patiently waiting are two different things!

"waiting," He said, "is not something that honours me; it is like a child whose mum has bought them a lolly pop but has told their kid that they can't have it yet, they have to wait till they get home. so the child thinks to itself, "MAYBE if i plead and annoy mum long enough, then she'll give me what she has for me!!" so the kid says, "Mum can i have it now?! mum can i have it NOW?! MUM can i have it NOW?! MUM can i HAVE it NOW?! MUM CAN I HAVE IT NOW?! MUM CAN I HAVE IT NOW?!" and eventually the mum get SO annoyed, that she said "THAT'S IT!! YOU CANT HAVE IT AT ALL NOW!" and the kid wonders why!!"

"No,"god says, "waiting isnt what honours me. PATIENT WAITING, however, taht is a different story! it is like a child whose mum has bought them a lolly pop but has told their kid that they can't have it yet, they have to wait till they get home. so the child thinks to itself, "Oh, ok then, well, I'd REALLY like it now, but if i can wait just a little bit longer, then when i get it it will seem nicer and i'll be happier for getting it! And mum wont be annoyed at ME for annoying HER!"

"God, I pray for PATIENCE."---YOUR Servant.

Saturday, September 9

... and Jebediahphat begat Epiphany... (Hez.6:7)

I’ve had an epiphany. It’s not one of those things that happen to me everyday, but today I had one. I am quite excited about my epiphany, because it's actually really freeing. Freeing in that I don’t have to think the way I did before I had my epiphany. I have a new thing to think about and a new thing to pray to my wonderful GOD to give me. so here's my epiphany>>> but before I do, for those who are vocabularily challenged, an epiphany is a bolt of lightning thought, one of those thoughts that you get one day while you're roti-ing or mundanely doing some other mundane task. It’s one of those thoughts that changes the way you think and the more you think of it the more your thinking changes. Oh, and Epiphany is not a name, and Jebediahphat was not his father and there is no book in the Bible abbreviated to Hez.!!

Ok so I guess you want to hear about my epiphany then. Well my epiphany is that for us to have the ability to truly trust god, he needs to first build into our lives, humility! I can’t believe it took me as long as it has to work out this simple truth! Of course god needs to build humility into our lives before we can trust him. I mean if I don’t have an amount of humility in my life, then I’m going to start thinking about what I want to do with my life!! Actually let me rephrase that>>> I'M going to start THINKING about what I want to do with MY life!!

You wonder to yourself "What's wrong with having my life planned out? It’s a good thing to do!" but I say that it's not your life!! And who plans and organises something that's not theirs anyway?

So let's get the facts out. My life is not my own. Your life is not your own, your life is not my own, my life is not your own. BUT my life is God's life, your life is God's life, our lives are God's lives. He made us, He loves us, He bought us with Jesus blood, so who are we to plan and prepare something that isn’t ours?

this poses a bit of a problem for us as humans because for the most part, we are the ones who live our lives, and we are the ones who make the decisions about what we do with the lives God has lent us! and i dont know about you but i can say for sure that i dont always make the right decision, or always have the right answer. but i know that my maker knows what i'm good for. he knows the road i should take, and he knows everything about me and my design right down to who i should marry and where i should live to best fit his purpose for my existence.

let me just take a moment to to illustrate my point about design with something REALLY simple. say i'm going to wash the dishes, and i need to fill the sink. the drain hole is circular, but i have a chioce of different shaped plugs. (there was too much choice at Bunnings and i coildnt decide). What do i do? do i select a random plug and hope taht it fits? or do i choose the one that looks like the closest fit to the circular drain hole? it's as simple as that! god wants to put us where we're most efective. just like a square plug wont fit in a round hole, so we wont fit if we arent where god wants us!and one more thing, we arent doing what we were designed for if we are still sitting on the bench and not in the hole.

so i want to be where i'm being used the most effectively. i want to be in the drain that god has chosen for me but to do that i have to let him take control of my life and to trust him with my purpose. and that's an easier thing to say than to do! i know of plenty of instances in "my own" life where i have taken control from god and tried to drive even though i couldnt even see over the wheel! ithought i could run my life better that god could i thought that my way was better and that. does this sound silly to you? it does to me! because to me it sound like i'm a 3yr old who thinks they can beat up thier dad!!

to be able to trust god with my life, i need to realise that 1 it's not my own and 2 that god does it better!! and this takes a certain amount of humility. so i give up my life to god. i give up control to god. i sat to him , "God, you do it better than me, so you can do it and i'll just do what i'm told."
so there you have it. my epiphany.

i cannot trust god to fulfill my purpose while i still think that i'm the one who controls my life.
Miracle AudioAdrenaline
I am free
for the first time
left my fears behind
in front of me is open sky
I'm taller than trees
I can see further than before
everything's different now
now that You've ruined my life
You took my dreams
and stole my schemes
and turned my life upside-down
You took my heart
stole every part
and made it a miracle
now I can sing, sing a new song
my burden's gone
you gave me all the words and melodies

and now I can be at Your feet
Your place for me
everything's beautiful
now that You've ruined my life
You took my dreams
and stole my schemes
and turned my life upside-down
You took my heart
stole every part
and made it a miracle
and I'm wide awake
and tonight I'm saved
in Your arms I'm singin' of
how You made me a miracle
I'm taller than trees
I can see further than before
everything's different now