Tuesday, June 22

The Predicament of Pride

Tonight as my mate Shane and I were visiting the church just to pick up a book from our office and to investigate a light that had been left on, we discovered a young man lying down to sleep on the front porch. Having access to the church after hours, and knowing that we could do something for him, we went to our office, and got a blanket for him and offered to buy him some food. He took the blanket but denied any further help, so we went back to our office and Shane being the servant hearted man that he is, refused to leave it there. He called our youth pastor, whose house we had just left, and talked about something else we could do for him, and from that, we then offered him the opportunity to sleep inside the church offices. He again declined but he took the pillows that we gave him. We then offered accommodation again which he again refused so we went and bought him a ham and salad roll and a couple of bottles of water from the petrol station across the road, which he refused but we left it by him.

The reason I called this post "The Predicament of Pride" is that that guy was quite obviously in need. He was sleeping outside on a wet night with no bedding and a high possibility that he had had no food recently. We come along, offering everything that this guy needs for the night, accommodation, bedding, food, warmth... And because of the pride that every human has inside of him he refused it! Why is it that when we are already so low that we need to sleep on a cement floor outside at night, that we still refuse to accept help from someone who is genuinely offering it? What is it about us that says "we'll be right," when we aren't? Doesn't it make more sense for us to accept the help that is offered us?

It's this aspect of humanity that reminds me of the world's attitude towards Jesus. He gave the greatest gift that anyone could ever give--LIFE. But the world rejected it then and still rejects it now because they cannot swallow their pride and accept the help that He offers. We, even a Christians, reject Jesus' help in the everyday. By thinking that we can handle life as it is, by refusing to allow him to take control in every area of our lives. We even reject him when we have a less than godly view of ourselves. It seems hard to believe, but when Jesus saves us by his grace, He views us then as he views his Son Jesus--with unending, undying, infinite amounts of love. When we tell him that his love isn't good enough by having a low self esteem, we effectively tell him that our love is better than his, that we know more about us than he does, and his love isn't worth anything.

Are you going to treat your Saviour and your Creator and your King the way he deserves? Are you going to accept the help that He is offering you right now? Are you going to let Him change your life? Are you going to treat yourself the way he treats you? Are you going to allow him to take total control of your life and let him mould your life into what it could really be?

Will you take control of your life and end up out in the cold sleeping on the street (physically AND spiritually)

Sunday, June 20

The Follow-up Blog

Well last night wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be. (see prev. post) Thank goodness. I got stuck on what became known as "the Kiddie Table" but I didn't think that was too bad coz the youngest person on it is only a few years younger than myself, and we're all good friends anyway! So I didn't think that was sooo bad as some of the other people did! There were only two speeches that were of any decent length which was good and they were interesting enough to sit through. The band was good and the food was good and the atmosphere was good but I seriously didn't know half the people that were there! All in all I'd give it a 7/10.

Saturday, June 19

Mixed Emotions

tonight i'm going out to my school's 20th anniversary dinner at some nice restaurant in perth, and i know that there's going to be a stack of old teachers pinching my cheeks and telling embarrassing stories of how i always used to get in trouble for doing absolutely NO work (though nothing's changed!. i'm not sure exactly how i feel about the night. i know if ANY of the above occurs it's gonna make the night suck but i am also excited about being a part of such an event. (this is a big thing for such a small skool as mine was.)
any way i now have to go or i'll be late and/or miss out on a good parking spot so i'll give you a full report tomorrow. see ya

Thursday, June 17

What is the Gospel Really About???

Talking with a friend the other day caused me to re-evaluate some of the "Biblical" truths that I had been taught since I was a youngster (not that I'm not young now!!).
One of these "truths," is that the Gospel is about the life death and resurrection of Jesus and his taking the sin of the proverbial world on his perfectly sinless shoulders, and the rest of the New Testament focuses around that.
let me offer you another explanation of what the Gospel is all about. The gospel is actually all about the revelation of God's character to us. It's about his unending eternal infinite love his amazing grace, his tender mercy, his passionate compassion. The gospel is about God.
Now don't think for a second that I am attempting to diminish the meaning, significance or the necessity of the Cross and the empty grave that held (temporarily) a sinless, faultless man, because these are the cornerstones of the Christian faith and I believe in them with all of my heart. But these are a means to an end. The Cross and the 'salvation story,' are tools that God uses to communicate just HOW MUCH he actually loves us.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

God's love is what the Gospel is about, so let's stop focusing only on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, and get back to focusing on the God behind it.

He's got the whole world...

I was taking to girl in year 11 who has recently become a Christian, at the local high school today and she was telling me how, on the day that she became a Christian, there were several things that were going on in her life that she felt were overwhelming her and she was contemplating suicide. So I began to encourage her and just give her some examples from my life and faith, and some godly principles that could help her in her newly established walk with God.
As far as I know, that girl walked out of that room into her school again, feeling encouraged, even if only slightly.
It wasn't till I was having my quiet time in the new prayer room back at my office that the children's song came to my head, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and then and only then did that song strike me with the full significance of its lyrics. God truly does have the whole world in His hands. Even people who don't as yet know God and only have some idea that something is out there, He has them in His hands, protecting them and guiding them and leading them to a place of safety and comfort in Him.
I truly feel that God lead her to that room that day so that she could know that God and other people cares and genuinely loves and wants the best for HER. That girl needed that message that day or she might have run out of time to hear it. God in His amazing way is not only the Saviour of that girl's soul, He is the Saviour of her life.

Jeremiah 29:12-13 "In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. I will be found by you," says the LORD.

Monday, June 14

What Jesus means to me.:

If I were ever asked, "what does Jesus mean to you and why," I'd like to think that I had an answer ready. So this is it (at this point in my life).
To me Jesus is not just my Saviour but someone to whom I can turn when I need help and am stuggling with stuff. He isn't some abstract thought in my head that writes all of life's rules and stops me from doing the things that I enjoy most. In fact he is quite the opposite. You see, the things that I enjoy doing the most are the things that he wants me to do. How do I know this, He told me in his word, the Bible. I love showing people who God is and how much He wants to change their life if they let him.
All God wants to do is to love you and have you love Him in return. And everyone knows that someone who loves you wants the best for you. God even says in the bible that
"[he] knows the plans he has for you, and they are plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

Will you give God the opportunity to change your life? It's your call.

Tuesday, June 8