Friday, June 30

so there we were... but now we're here.

so we wer in chiang rai the last time i talked and i guess i should keep on filling you in on what i've been up to.

so on tuesday we sorta had a quiet day. we swam in the pool with all the crew and got a LITTLE burnt then in the arvo Will left, and tom left for bangkok at 7

wednesday was pretty warm. we went with shane to pack up his stuff at the the ywam base, which we got done relatively quickly i think due to camille helping him get organised. i stayed downstairs and burnt 20 cds of photos for shane to distribute among his crew. when we finished, Pi Jesse and Pi Uab picked us up and we went to lunch at apparently the best Kaoh soi (a type of soup) place in town. then back to the hotel for general chilling and a quick swim (dont want to get too burnt). i think for dinner i juat had something light, like fried rice or something.

we were up early again on thursday. apparently they dont believe in letting people sleep in! but it was cool because we went to the border of thailand and Myanmar for some shopping. the border is about 30mins drive (Jesse style) form chiang rai and the town that straddles the border is called Mae Sai. so in Maesai twe pull out our passports, and 250 baht (<$10) to crossthe border into Myanmar which is cool because now i've been to Three different countries!!

Myanmar is Opressive. as soon as you cross the border there are beggars and Vendors that perssure you to buy their cigarettes which is just a front for selling porn. but you just say no and keep walking. the market in myanmar's maesai was crazy, they sold Everythingfrom "brand name" electronics, to knives and bb guns, to clothes, to dvd's and cds. and cheap too. like 6 new dvd's for 400 baht (<$15)
so we purchased a bit and then went and ate lunch at a restaurant right on the river.
on the way back the the hotel to pack, we said goodbye to Kate and Pi eunice whch was hard for them because it was actually all over. no-one left to say bye to.but we made great friends with them and they wont be forgotten. PUNISH IT GUYS. so we packed and went tothe bus station to board our 11 hour bustrip that brought us to bangkok at 6.00 this morning.

the bus was great. we got VIP bus Tickets which got us better that airline seats except for the foot rests and airlin service. unfortunately we didnt get airline sleep. so i'm stinkin tired and i have a headache.but other than that good.

so you're up to date. we staying in the english school till sunday and fly out at around midday.

peace out

Wednesday, June 28

So, Here We Are...

So here we are in thailand, just punishing the blog so all my fam know i'm still alive.
i'm having a great time chillin in the chiang Rai hood. we got here on friday morning after a couple of days with very little sleep. it was awesome to see shano again even though he looks so much like a ywamer! his grad on friday arvo was cool but oh so hot!
we are staying in a resort right near the airport but i haven't once heard any planes which is good. we were the only ones there on friday and sat which was cool too because we had the pool all to ourselves!! early morning and late night swims are the order of the day, so we've been punishing the pool hard.

sunday we went to PiJesse and PiUab's home church which was, for all the DTS Crew, their last sunday together. we started with some worship and prayer led by Will, and we sang oneof the most touching and i know for some the most heart felt song i have heard in a long time. i will try to link to it later if i can find it. so we sang and prayed and then Steve (Beckingham) spoke a challenging sermon on Forgiveness.
after church we went to lunch then all trekked into town to say goodbye to a few of the DTS crew who were heading off on a bus back to bangkok and tehn we went to Swensson's ice creamery for some chocolate......icecream and other flavours too. photos will be on Flicr later.

on monday we travelled about 45 mins north up the Kok (Gok) river to a village for an elephant ride. we ate there, and chilled out for a while with the two massive Constricors and a monkey in a cage before-hand and then took the 20 minute elephant ride option which cost about 80 baht (<$3.50) each. i got as many photos as i could but i'll have to apologise for the quality. i never realised that elephant rides were so bumpy!
that night we went to dnner at the airport because Kim was leaving @ 8.00.

well i'm gonna have to leave it there for now i gotta go but stay tuned.
peace out.
love you fam.

Thursday, June 22

Thai Me up Before you Go Go.

yeah you read right! i'm off to thailand.
In exactly 11 hours my first international adventure starts when i board a plane to Brunei and from there board another plane to the land of the long white cloud. (or is that new zealand) either way i'm officially an accomplished jetsetter and i'm so excited.for those of you who dont know why i'm going to thailand, it's to go to my best mate shane's graduation. for those of you who Do know why i' going to thailand, it's to go to my best mate shane's graduation.

anyway i hope to blog while i'm over there so stay tuned and i'll keep you updated