Tuesday, September 27

I'm Back

Not that i'd ever gone anywere but you konw the whole not blogging thing...it sort of makes me feel like i'm returning home afetr a long holiday and i just cant wait to sleep in my own bed.
talk ing about bed it's around about 11:46.48 no, 49 no, 50, any way it's about then and 'im just finishing of backing up my CDs to other CDs sothat i can put my CDs away and just listen to CDs.
i guess i should fill you in on how i've been going and stuff hey? ok then since you asked so nicely...
i have been quite well since my last blog in june.i am currently getting over a case of the Flu-meets-viral rash-meets- hacking cough by way of multivitamin pills and other semi -prescription drugs. i feel about 80%.
i have a "new" job **only "new" because it isn't really new anymore** i'm now working part time at Dome coffees in cottesloe claremont and nedlands all of which are managed by the same guy so they're not fighting over me. officially i'm emplyed there as a Barista but i think i'm just the resident all Rounder. it's mostly really fun byt there are a few down moments namely 6:15am starts which are a killer given that i live 30 minutes drive away! but on that side of life, life is good.
Spiritually i'm still just plodding along. i honestly am feeling a bit weary, as much as it pains me to say it. i havent seen a mountaintop in a long time and am beginning to feel the accompanying despair. one thing i know, though and this one thing i hold onto. and that is the assurance that despite where i am god has never left me. he's right here holding my hand and i know that nothing i go throughis beyond me and there is nowhere that i fall that he isnt there to pick me up.
small things encourage me. something that someone wrote in a letter which my pastor read out in church recently really stood out. CONDEMNED to GRACE.as i have thought about this thought over the past few days it's beauty has struck me hard. How many times have we heard from the pulpit and from our own mouths that Christians are free from condemnation? let me ask you, Are you free from His Grace? Or do you find your feet running into it's wounded arms at your first indisceretion? since you pledged your life for Christ, ahve you never returned to his feet for forgiveness? or do you find that you are there numerous times every day. this is what 'im trying to say. Unbelievers are condemned. Believers are condemned. unbelievers are condemned by their sin to eternity in the fires of hell. Believers are condemned by their love to the Grace of God and eternity with him. Does god's love extend even to me? does his Grace reach as far away from him as i am? yes. if grace is not for sinners then for Who? if love not for the unlovely the what good is it? on the other hand if unjustice is not brought to account then where is the power in righteousness? unjustice has been brought to acount. love is for the unlovely, and grace is for sinners. jesus himself said " it is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick."

no-one is good enough--not even one! For all sin and fall short of god's Standard. like we get paid money for working, our payment for sinning is death! BUT the FREE gift of god is eternal life through Jesus Christ. there is no amount of good deeds that we can accomplish and no karma that we can accrue that will get us eternal life. in fact the way to eternal life is far simpler than working for it. you see God showed his immense love for us in what seems like a wierd way, he sent his only son, Jesus to live a life like ours and die a death far worse as a substitute for us. so instead of us having to die, Jesus did. istead of us having to pay the price for our sin,HE DID!! all that we have to do is believe it, and ask for God's forgiveness for contuing to live as we please and for turing a blind eye to his free gift.

if you decide that you want to make the choice to ask for god's forgiveness, then all you have to do is say something like this to him: God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserve to go to Hell, but I also know that You died in my place, taking the punishment that I deserved. I now accept that free gift, the payment for my sins through Your shed blood. Save me from my sins, and take me to heaven. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

It really is that easy.