Friday, June 10

We Got Heart!!

Well state youth Games this year was AWESOME!! And by that i mean really good. First of all, can i say well done to the SYG organising committee for a fantastic weekend, and thank you. Also good on you Pulse the team and Pulse the organisers!

Binningup youth camp turned it on again for us as we blessed it with our presence. Not only did they give us NEW MATTRESES, but also Hot water and even a real log fire. The breakfast was great and although they were maybe not the best thing to start a full day of sport with, the CHEESE (thanks to Pulse for cutting it) and Ham Toasties Really hit the spot in the morning. THANKS Mr. VB.
I'd also like to thank those that were in my room for not snoring...or farting (too much)...or falling out of bed (the top bunk) five or six times a night. That is really appreciated. The sound of silence was deafening until we were awoken to the peaceful sounds of birds singing sweetly in the trees accompanying the BAGPIPES PLAYING IN OUR EARS TO WAKE US UP!!!!!! (thanks rob).

I'd like to say once again (just cant hear it enough) that Pulse is the Champion team for 2005! AND we did it without a YP!!
I actually told our senior pastor on the thusday before state youth that we would bring home the trophy! Now, I'm sure many of you said the same thing to someone. The only difference between you guys that said it and myself is that I didnt lie!!!! hehehehehehe.

If you want to see pics of state youth games, namely Pulse, then check out the flicr link and that will take you there.

Oh and for those of you not in Pulse, there's always next year, to join us so you can be on a winning team!! hehe (my head!! i can feel it Growing!!)