Tuesday, January 29

God Even Uses Me!

It’s amazing how God uses people. He even uses those who seem insignificant and those who don't stand out from the Crowd. People like me. And you.
Have you ever heard of a Guy named Salma? Probably not and neither had I until this morning. He’s mentioned in a long list of names in the start of 1 Chronicles. He was the Grandson of Caleb, who was the grandson of Judah, who was the Grandson of Abraham. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that makes him the Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson of Abraham who was the Father of the Israelite nation.
He was also the founder of Bethlehem, the first person in history to ever set foot in the town in which one day Jesus our Saviour would be born. I don't know why this stood out to me except to say that it does not matter how ordinary I see myself, and it does not matter if I think what I’m doing is insignificant and small and will not make any major effect on history, the truth is that it can! God chose to use Salma to build Bethlehem because he already knew that's where he wanted his Son to be born.

God has us where he wants us. He's using us in the every-day things that we say and do. I'm sure Salma didn’t think "this city is going to be such a ministry to people!" he was probably thinking this looks like a good place for me and my family to settle, I think I'll call it Bethlehem because there's a really Great bakery here!" (Bethlehem means "house of Bread")
Sometimes I don't feel like God can use me. I feel like I’m just doing the stuff a Christian should do. But even in those moments, God is taking me and using me in his plan.