Monday, July 16

If I don't pick up, its because I'm ENGAGED

so here we go, if you've been following my blogspot at all then you'll know that i've been in a relationship with Grayce Elizabeth Hollingsworth. well it just got a whole heap more serious!
we have been working towards engagement since early in our relationship. and it has all now culminated in a picnic and a beautiful ring! we went to the beautiful gardens at Rajabaht University and ate and i asked, and she said yes! you can see the pictures below here.

Isn't she Beautiful!! :D

the last update!!!

so i guess i need to fill you in on all that's been happening since my
last update....

well ministry in Pattya was great, for those that got to minister! On
Sunday our outreach leaders left for Malaysia to see about getting
visas, so i was put in charge of leading the team for the last week of
outreach.. the girls hard a great time teaching English at the Tamar
Center and going to the bars and ministering to the Thai Girls, though i
think they all found it heart breaking to be in that situation. As for
us Lance and myself, we still did not get much to do. on monday, we went
to the prison ministry and to our surprise, our contact actually showed
up and with a bunch of friends that were visiting from overseas! so
lance and myself got to hand out the food and toiletries to the inmates
and pray for them at the same time. however because our contact had her
overseas friends with her she was unable to visit the main prison and we
were once again left high and dry. we went home and talked with paul,
the DTS Chiang Rai leader, who had come to visit the team and see how we
were going. it was good to have him around even if it was only for a
day. on tuesday we had a twelve hour work day! we started at 9am packing
Chinese bibles to be given out to the Chinese tourists in town to take
back to china. we did that till 3pm. then from 6 till late, we were at
the pier, giving the bibles out the the tourists as they disembarked the
dinner boats. it was an amazing time, and we wer able to hand out three
hundred bibles! wednesday the Girls went to the Tamar centre and the
guyswent to prisons again and again our lady didnt show up so we had
nothing to do! :-(
we went to the crossing and hung out with the guys and girls there and i
think it was a more valuable time this time. on thurs we had a vrey
light day just doing slums ministry but it was fun and despite some team
issues earlier in the dya, we were able to work well and i belive that
God really worked in the Kids' hearts. friday we went with a relatively
new ministry that works with the very large homosexual community in
pataya we went to dongtan beach whhich is the gay beach and we
worshipped ther and prayed and spoke with a few of the men that were
there it was a really good time and i think the tram really thought so too!.
and that was the end of outreach! we lfte pattaya on a 14 hour bus ride
for Chiang Rai at 6 pm on friday night and got in at around8am saturday.
and i'm still recovering....
that brings me to the end of my out reach news. it was a great time and
God really taught me a lot about what faith really looks like and
trusting in him for all the details. i also learned a great deal about
leaning on God's strength and not on my own....

looking forward to the end of DTS... 1 week left!! :D