Thursday, March 1


hey all i know it's been ages since i posted and i know that although i said i wouldnt be like shane and blog only once a blue moon that's how i've turned out to be. so all that said, i'm sorry.

the update:

i'm currently sitting in an internet cafe in the centre of chiang rai. i'm in an internet cafe because i'm on outreach and i wasn't allowed to bring my computer becuae they think that it would be too unfair on the people who are out in actual villages. that's ok i'm cool with that it gives me time to spend with my team mates.
anyway, out reach for us is at baan nam jai. there is a video here our outreach is mainly focussed on manual work around the property. we have a serious truckload of dirt that we have to move. i think it's between 2 & 3 tonne!!!
the temperature is warming up here too!! the days have been around 30 degrees, but it's not as humid as it will be later in the year, so it's not so bad. but moving that much dirt is HARD work!!! i think the hardest bit is working with the hopless wheelbarrows that we have, they'd be great if the werent falling apart, and 63 years old!! after one trip up the hill, with one of these wheel barrows, your legs feel like jelly and your puffing and there is sweat dripping off your brow, it's hard yakka!!

it's great having outreach at baan num jai thought because we get tot play with the kids if they're out! they're so much fun and they are so amazingly cute!!
you can see their profiles and stories at the baan num jai website above.
I'm sorry this isn't very long, sitting in web cafe's isn't good for the writing side of my brain.

one last thing

i miss you all!! i'm sorry if you've written me emails and i havent replied, i've jjust been so busy with other stuff!! i have thre half written emails i think and many more that i'm yet to start. the half written ones are to laura and jeff, and also to liz, i dont konw who the third is too, it's been that long!!
i'm having a grewat time here in CR but i'm fully nackered , looking forward to the weekend,and a good long sleep in!!

ok we i have to go, my time's running out, but i love you mum and dad and S and K and B and A and Gi miss you and cant wait to see y'all again.! and i cant wait for my package too!! also can someone let Charis know that i havent forgotten her textas, they arent quite in the mail, but i've at least bought them now!!

ok bye and i love you!!

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