Monday, March 12


i'm sitting here in the salah (thai for Gazebo) waiting for the staff to finish their meeting in the office. i'm supposed to be doing my work duties in there and i can't because im' not allowed. i hope they dont make me do it during my free time. that would suck. i have a skype meeting at 4.00 with kimberley, my sister. so i really hope they just let us pass on work duties today...
here's a funny story that you might not know yet.
all the dts crew have just been on outreach for two weeks. they broke us up into five teams and sent us to five different lications in the chiang rai province. this morning all the teams told everyone what they had done on their out reach and told some funny stories. there was a theme coming through of the teams doing manual labour jobs. one team built a bamboo church, another built some fences and another spread a heap of dirt out on an area and then had to pile it up again! it struck me half way through the sharing time, that all the other teams built something up they added to teh community they were serving, and our team DESTROYED something!! check it out!!>>>>

see what i mean? now, you have to understand the events leading up to this because it really is an amazing story.
we arrived at the bamboo palace on sunday arvo and immediately made jokes about it's life span and how safe it was. but we didnt reall think it would come down! every day on outreach up till then we had eaten lunch at the noodle shop around the corner, but that day, we got lunch at the market and ate in the palace; on the day it fell, our outreach leader Peaw (say Bow) had felt lead to spend the entire morning praying for us only stopping at lunch time; The palace could have fallen at anytime during the day or night when we were asleep or not there, but we were able to get everything and eveyone out in time; Danielle could have taken pictures of the palace earlier in the week, but her remebering to take pics at that moment and noticing the state of the building was what saved us!
we really believe that God lead that day down to the very last detail. i think it's pretty obvious really.

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