Tuesday, May 1

Did you hear the LATEST?

i thought it was about time that i let you know some of the things going on here and things that you and the church can pray for.
i think the last update you got was just after the outreach and was mostly about what we did there. we have since had four weeks of lectures and another outreach so here is the catchup... the second phase of lectures was harder than the first. for most people the schedule got to them, and as we began to become familiar with life here, it became harder and harder to concentrate in lectures. but we didn't stop learning. and god didn't stop teaching.
a few of us were taught big lessons in submission and heart attitude through some of the schedule changes but as i came through that we found a greater sense of God's working in our lives.
the final week of teaching before outreach #2 was on evangelism from a Thai perspective, and it was super hard to concentrate, but super good to hear. Narong who now works with YWAM Perth talked about the Thai mentality to evangelism and the differences in thinking between Thai (eastern) thinking and western thinking. where westerners tend to be linear and logical in thinking, eastern thinking is more story-based, so telling them the gospel and why they need to receive Christ just doesn't work. but to tell them a story and relate to them, will have better results. all this was very important for us to hear as we went on outreach with a focus more on evangelism than service.

so taht brings me to this outreach. i will shortly have photos of it on Flickr . but for now just let me tell you about what happened. we had no plan for this outreach other that we were going to Nan and doing what God told us to. so we prayed and prayed leading up to it and we sought god for waht we wold do. as we prayed, he gave us pictres of places that we would go. to Yvonne he gave a picture of a river and she felt that we would be staying within sight of it (we did.) to two or tree others he gave a picture of two mountains but and we thought that they would be physical mountains , but we discovered on the 4th or5th day that PS 25 talks about those that trust in the Lord being like mountains. and though in the village we went to there were NO Christians, there were 2 missionaries that had been there for four years working hard in teh community. i think the most the obvious picture that happened was when Lance an american who can't speak Thai got the word "luang" and as we looked on a map, there is was, "Luang village." taht's where we went and ministered for 6 of our 11 day outreach. i mentioned before that we had no plans for what to do and no plans for accomodation so it was a real blessing arriving in Luang and meeting the Chief at the market where we stopped and having her point us to the only accommodtion in town, an abandoned wood house with a tin roof, 1 bathroom (there were 13 people on our team) and bucket shower. but it was next to the best restaurant and "supermarket" in town. the chief set us up to teach at an english cam taht she would organise for us and also invited us to a party at her house to bless her parents.
the english camp was great we ran it from 9-11 in the mornings over 5 days and had up to 45 kids in attendance. we had heaps of fun and everythign that we did we focussed on God. we taught them bible stories and told testimonies, we taught them "if i were a butterfly" and "My God is so BIG." and had a heap of fun.
on the Tuesday (day four of 5) we asked them if they wanted to accept Jesus as their friend and saviour and we had 37 kids accept, but we think only 5-8 knew what they were actually doing. it was still awesome to see God moving like that!
we also had the privilege of seeing God heal 2 elderly ladies that were lame and also heal their hearts that were dead, and a man in hospital who was in his final stages of aids come to life in his heart too!!
the outreach was an amazing time of seeing what god will do when we seek him and put ourselves in a position where we have to trust him!

as for prayer points, please continue to pray for finance for living here, and that God will keep on teaching me the things that he wants to... I've been finding the greatest lessons I've been learning have been outside the lecture room and then just reinforced inside.

thank you all for your prayers and support. i hpe to be able to put pictures up soon, but my compuer is a little nackered at teh momen so it might be linger than i'd hoped.

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